A ridesharing app designed for change designed by an innovative startup with the hopes and potential for becoming a global mobility and transportation player for the future.

An innovative Canadian-based ridesharing platform aimed at providing thousands of users the opportunity to discover a whole new way to increase mobility. By creating an inclusive platform, Looper will enable individuals who otherwise would not have access reliable transportation the means to get where they want, when they want.
Launch Project
The Assignment
Doing it the right way, we set off to learn what the business needed globally while designing both a brand that engaged the audience and a seamless user experience. With a focus on conveying trust and accessibility through branding and product development we used our learnings to drive our work of creating a brand that both served our business and engaged the audience..
year 2018
products Branding | UX/UI |
client looper
Mont | Gotham Light
mont for headlines
Gotham Light
for body text
Brand Identity
For the brand identity and colour palette, we chose a complimentary grey and light blue to subtly stand out against a navy deep background. Additionally, we chose a vibrant salmon pink to contrast the more subtle light blue and grey while assisting in maintaining a unique brand feel. This simple colour set allows for a consistent brand aesthetic throughout the product.
driver phone-6
UX Design
Simple and intuitive interface. Loopers pages easily guide the from sign up to ordering their first ride.
Effective communication through branding. Decluttering the information about Looper while enabiling easy accessiblity and understandablity.
phone driver
driver phone-4
In-App Referral Rewards
A in-app referral and rewards program that conveys excitment through through every aspect of it’s design.
brand identity
Mont | Gotham Light
The brand identity has been carefully crafted to convey and accesibility and trust to the users. Everything from the colours to the layout has been chosen based on its utility and ability make a positive impression and create return users.
mobile application
Mont | Gotham Light
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web platform
Website | Admin Pannel | User Account Portal
A Website for the Future
On our web platform we were able to utilize the space offered to convey more essential information in a easily readable way. Our priority throughout the design process was to not overwhelm the user with information. This was achieved by breaking down the information into digestible tidbits and by incorporating an intuitive layout. Finally, a clear and consistent call to action corresponding to each page gives the user the opportunity to take action and become a user or a driver.
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